Chris’s Confetti Yeti

Chris’s Confetti Yeti

Very tempting to make a box with graphics to match Chris’s bike…

This Yeti is sitting in a Ventoux MTB box.

Pritpal’s first reaction…

“This is a think of engineering beauty! I cannot thank you enough.”


On receipt of his stealth Ventoux for travels to Africa.

Dave’s his and hers Tourmalets

UK customer Dave designed his own decals for a pair of Tourmalets to great effect. He says “Very pleased with the service and quality,  massive step up from our last boxes much easier to pack. Thanks Buxumbox

Jamie’s Tourmalet

Jamie from Trinity Sports Management needed a box for his trip to Tour Down Under – here it is (in RAL1015 powder-coat finish).


As he said, the box was “Turning heads all over Aus.”

Bangkok airport loop

This from Singapore customer James – his first generation Tourmalet box is still going strong…

“I had a weekend in Thailand. There’s a track around BKK airport. So I was riding within an hour of landing 👍🏼


Tourmalet Workstand feedback

This from Leslie White in the US…

“Tourmalet workstand arrived – definitely very cool. Elegant, well constructed, lightweight, easy to use. You ticked all the boxes. Congratulations!”



Michael’s Ventoux MTB

Feedback from Michael from Hong Kong…

At Queenstown airport last week, I rolled up to the oversized check-in counter with my imposing Ventoux MTB box. The woman asks me what’s in the box. “A bike”, I said loading the box onto the conveyor belt for scanning.
“Oh”, she said. “I wish everyone packed their bikes in a box like this”…!

Toby’s first trip feedback

From Toby Parnell in UK on his Ventoux.
“Just to say after first trip with your box I’m never going back to [old box name]! Faster, safer, and so much easier to manoeuvre and get into cars / trains etc.
Well done chaps well done”


SpyVelo box

Thanks to James from SpyVelo for sending an image of their box – we supplied in matt black – they applied decals.

Ventoux MTB review by October 2018

As the only aluminium bike box on the market, the Buxumbox Ventoux MTB’s unique design means it affords great protection for ultimate peace of mind.

It’s quick and easy to pack and extraordinarily easy to wheel around. Yes, it’s a lot of money but it’s a high-quality piece of kit and should last a very long time

More info here July 2018 Tourmalet review

The Buxumbox Tourmalet is a strong aluminium bike case for carrying your bike safely when you fly, and it’s very easy to pack too. The price and possibly the weight are hurdles.

  • Pros: Strong, durable, easy to pack
  • Cons: A little heavier and pricier than most rivals

Several changes have been made since we first reviewed the Buxumbox Tourmalet three years ago, the most significant being that you can now get it with fixing points for bikes with thru-axles as well as open-ended dropouts and that assembly has now been moved to the UK – Okehampton in Devon, to be more precise. I’ll tell you about other changes later on.

More info here


I’ve used many other boxes but this surpasses them by far. They thought of everything and top of the list is style and function. You couldn’t want more. – Xterra World Champs Competitor
Mike Watson