Fly your bike

Our Boxes are lightweight cases for your bicycle made of sustainable aluminum, 100% recyclable, with class-leading strength to fly your bike to cycling event



You’ve trained six months for this event and have a small fortune’s worth of bike to put on a plane… we’ve been there, worried about that.

Our experience with the sport and as travel professionals has given us insight into the exacting requirements of international athletes. Add our engineering expertise and you get a highly innovative range of bicycle cases that offer the very best in terms of optimal strength, weight, versatility, security and ease of use.

From the blog

Test bike transit for Instinctiv

Instinctiv are a new and innovative manufacturer of high-end MTBs based out of the Netherlands - you can see more here. Covid restrictions have meant that it's been difficult for Instinctiv staff to deliver bikes in person to test riders and press reviewers - hence...

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Custom TT bike box

The relentless push for more aero has lead to far more integration of cockpits and steering systems on TT and triathlon bikes - the only downside of this makes them painful to strip down for travel. Furthermore, where rotation of the steerer is limited, they often...

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Custom double RV box

Possibly the largest box we've made... Our brief here was to design and produce a highly customised box to hold two bikes that could either be securely mounted to the rear of a RV or conventionally used for air travel. Customer required absolute minimum of disassembly...

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A couple of custom boxes…

A couple of custom boxes that have gone through the workshop in the last week: (1) matt black Tourmalet with Argonaut decals in white - a very clean-looking box (2) a Ventoux with the panels only in Wine Red (RAL 3005) - now on it's way to Singapore Our options for...

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SUV/van interior bike racks

Another example of our custom fabrication capability. Today we're shipping a pair of these to a Canadian customer who wanted a system to keep his bikes upright and organised in the back of his SUV. We developed this rack based on the standard mounting system used in...

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Raw aluminium finish option

We have recently experienced customer demand for a minimalist aesthetic where the owner wishes to apply his/her own decals, paint or artwork. An option for this Raw Aluminium finish has now been offered alongside our Standard Graphics and Enhanced Powder Coat finishes...

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RAL 3007 gloss finish

Here's one we shipped out this week to a customer in the UK - the RAL 3007 paint on the panels of the box is very classy, almost regal. This is definitely one of those colours that looks better in gloss than matt.  

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Flying again soon?

Flying again soon?

Just the faintest glimmer of hope that global air travel is starting to pick up again now that the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic is being brought under control. Flights up 10% over the last three weeks. It's interesting how the shape of this curve resembles the direct...

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Lockdown project

Today we shipped this to a customer in the UK - a complete self-build Ventoux kit in raw aluminium for him to paint/finish. Not something we normally do but the customer seems to be pretty technically minded and was desperate for an excuse to spend hours in the shed...

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I’ve used many other boxes but this surpasses them by far. They thought of everything and top of the list is style and function. You couldn’t want more. – Xterra World Champs Competitor
Mike Watson