The Buxum range represents the ultimate in bike box design, engineered for the discerning athlete and the highest expectations
  • Galibier
  • Buxum Bike Box Galibier - Airline Compliant -  Qualifies as Large Suitcase - Great for Frequent Fliers
    Qualifies as regular large suitcase
    The ultimate box
    for frequent fliers
  • Road bike with S&S Couplers
  • 6.5kg (14.4 lb)
  • Tourmalet
  • Buxum Tourmalet Bike Box - Compact and LIghtweight - Fly Your Bike by Airplane - Strong Secure Storage for Cycling Events and Travel
    For the travelling roadie
    Compact and lightweight but
    with generous capacity
  • Road, Track, TT & Cross
  • 12.5kg (27.5 lb)
  • Ventoux
  • Buxum Bike Box Ventoux - Large Capacity, Strong Aeroplane Storage for Bicycles. Great for Cycling Events
    The big one!
    Largest capacity and
    minimal disassembly
  • Road, Track, TT, Cross & MTB
  • 15 kg (33.2 lb)
Aimed at matching the airlines at their own game, aircraft-grade aluminium alloys in optimised thicknesses provide strength where it’s needed but without weight where it’s not. That means more gear in your box, fewer dollars in excess baggage – and, oh, less of a strain on your back!
Airline inspections are an inevitability these days – bike boxes don’t readily fit into x-ray machines and that means a mandatory manual check. Designed to facilitate rapid and straightforward inspection with the bike in situ but with latches and interfaces that can take a battering, airport security is now a breeze.
Hundreds of flights and tens of thousands of flying miles went into product development – each testing phase left no detail untouched and allowed us to reduce weight, add strength and finesse ease of handling and speed of packing. You’re investing in the definitive proven article.
Built to last you a lifetime – and then can have another life. Made almost entirely from aluminium, a material eminently durable but yet incredibly recyclable. Invest in a Buxum box and you’ll be neither filling a landfill nor emptying your wallet every season.