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Pro Cycle appointed as distributor for Thailand – 30 Dec 2016

We are pleased to announce the appointment of a distributor for Thailand, Pro Cycle Ltd. procycle-logo

Pro Cycle Ltd was established in 2012 by its Managing Director Bobby Weerasak. Born from Bobby’s passion for cycling it began as a young and energetic distribution company with the main focus on importing and distributing high quality bicycles, parts and accessories within Thailand. Pro Cycle is now one of the most competitive distributors in the Thailand sports cycling market, whilst still retaining the small business feel – other brands include Pinarello, Focus and NeilPryde.

With Buxum now manufacturing in the UK, the advantage Pro Cycle can offer is a competitive alternative to costly individual air shipments which has been our only shipping option until now. In addition to this, Thai customers can have the peace of mind of local supply and after-sales support. You can learn more about Pro Cycle here.


Good luck Chris Froome (and make broken stays a thing of the past!) – 3 Nov 2016




Chris posted here today on how he is trusting his Buxum Tourmalet box to fly his Dogma to L’Etape Korea. Best wishes for the event Chris and congratulations on an epic season.




How Easy is it to ‘Fly Your Bike!’ – see how here:

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Manufacturing update – October 2016

A note for potential Buxum customers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and neighbouring countries.

Next week is our final month manufacturing in Hong Kong before we transfer assembly to the UK. After that I’m afraid that shipping costs to Asia will be significantly higher than those we enjoy now out of HK. If you were thinking of purchasing then now is a good time – please get in touch with us and we’ll make sure your box reaches you before the end of October.



News Release – 11 July 2016


Buxum, manufacturers of class-leading premium bike flight boxes, have introduced Quick Release to Thru Axles (QR-TA) adaptors for their Tourmalet and Ventoux models. These are available for all current axle length and diameter standards.

The technical upgrade was announced in Buxum’s latest customer e-newsletter and has been warmly welcomed by riders who have either moved to Thru Axle bikes or are anticipating a purchase. A key feature of Buxum’s lightweight aluminum boxes is the fixture system that mounts the bike firmly and securely in the box without exposing the frame to any loads or forces that it would not experience on the road – hence compatibility with advances in bike design is a high priority.

Ed Morris, Buxum’s owner, said: “In recent month the QR-to-TA question has become our number one enquiry from existing and prospective customers. The migration to disc brakes and hence thru-axles is seemingly inexorable and hence we need to ensure our boxes are compatible. The adaptors we have engineered work with both Tourmalet and Ventoux boxes with options for current 15mm and 12mm axle standards – crucially these utilise the bike’s actual axles to ensure that the multiplicity of standards (Maxle, R.A.T. etc.) are catered for. We’re pleased to provide this element of future-proofing for our boxes.”

The adaptors are in stock now at US$60 / GBP45.

QR-to-TA adaptors for Buxum Tourmalet and Ventoux models

Buxum recently announced their relocating their manufacturing and distribution operation from Hong Kong to Okehampton, Devon. The new facility will see the assembly of both the Tourmalet and Ventoux boxes.

The focus of the design has been around four key elements – best-in-class strength / safety, light enough to avoid excessive baggage costs, eminently recyclable (95% aluminum) and highly functional in terms of ease of packing, airline security inspections and maneuverability. The QR-to-TA adaptors demonstrate how Buxum responds to customer requirements and the changes in manufacturing and innovation in cycle design.

News Release – 31 May 2016


Buxum UK Ltd, manufacturers of class-leading premium bike flight boxes, have announced that they are relocating their manufacturing and distribution operation from Hong Kong to Okehampton, Devon.

The company, founded by Devon born managing director Ed Morris, has signed a lease for a manufacturing unit on Okehampton’s Exeter Road Industrial Estate, initially using the facility for European distribution of their aluminium bike flight boxes, followed by shifting assembly operations to their new Devon base from Hong Kong.

Ed Morris, an engineer by training and a cycBuxum's new HQ will be in Devon, South West England - Image James Millarlist with over three decades of experience has spent the last 17 years working in Asia, based in Hong Kong in executive supply chain, sales and business development roles.

Like all great ideas, the Buxum box design was inspired by personal experience. Ed’s eureka moment came when he needed a bike box for trip to the Pyrenees with a group of Hong Kong cyclists but found that nothing on the market provided the protection and functionality they needed to fly their high-end road bikes to Europe.

Following his Europe trip, Ed took a sabbatical from corporate life and formed Buxum in 2013. He set about inventing a product which would be sufficiently strong, light and functional to meet the exacting standards of cyclists who have spent thousands on their bicycles and needed to be confident that, when flying, their bikes would arrive safely and securely at their destination.

Buxum, the Latin word for boxwood, currently produce three models of bike boxes, and have seen sales grow steadily as cyclists, travelling the world for triathlons, bike races or leisure (professional, semi and serious enthusiasts), discover the quality and precision engineering of Buxum’s boxes, which are unrivalled in the marketplace.

Buxum’s founder and Managing Director Ed Morris said: “My sabbatical got me thinking about what I wanted to do next; I wanted a change of direction that used skills developed in the corporate world but focused a little more on what I enjoy outside of work.”

Ed, who served 20 years for American conglomerate Kohler, has taken his career and three key ingredients: his long-term involvement with the sport of cycling; a passion for travel and a love of great design and combined them to take Buxum from concept to reality.

Ed added: “The first two years have seen the development of our three-model product line-up manufactured in Buxum’s workshop in Hong Kong but this is now set to change as I relocate back to my home county of Devon and bring the business with me. I’m delighted it is all coming together. We signed a lease on a manufacturing unit in Okehampton at the end of February and are now starting the process of gradually transitioning production of boxes from Hong Kong to Devon over the course of 2016”.

Closer to Customers
Buxum is a global product by nature, with a customer base evenly split between Europe, Asia and North America. Transport represents a high proportion of the finished product cost so, logistically, having boxes dispatch-ready in the UK makes business sense in terms of being able to offer competitive shipping rates to European customers.

Another driver in Buxum’s move is the macro-economic environment which has seen the cost of Asian manufacturing steadily increasing, to the point where assembly and a proportion of component-sourcing becomes viable in the UK. China, where most of the Buxum components are currently sourced from is no longer a low cost destination – and nor does it want to be as China’s government transitions the economy from one of export-driven manufacturing to one of domestic service and consumption.

The three box models Buxum will assemble in Okehampton are the compact ‘Tourmalet’ for road bikes as well as two versions of the larger ‘Ventoux’ for road-bikes requiring minimal disassembly and for mountain bikes. The focus of the design has been around four key elements – best-in-class strength / safety, light enough to avoid excessive baggage costs, eminently recyclable (95% aluminium) and highly functional in terms of ease of packing, airline security inspections and manoeuvrability.

‘Made in Great Britain’
Buxum’s customers are looking for the best flight boxes in which to fly their bikes, worldwide the ‘Made in Great Britain’ stamp holds a unique kudos in terms of innovation and creativity, now Buxum are adding design and manufacturing to that list.

Buxum Boxes New HQ will be in Devon - image James Millar

In line with the relocation from Hong Kong to Devon, Buxum have appointed Exeter based Bleep Communications to manage their digital marketing, social media and public relations. The team have been working behind the scenes since March strengthening Buxum’s customer engagement, targeting customers in selected key countries and refining the digital metrics, content and PR to drive up genuine enquiries and boost sales.

“As a result of the collaboration Buxum’s sales in the US are up 100% on this time last year!” says Ed. “It was time to get some expert support to continue growing Buxum, working with Bleep has meant that I have been able to concentrate on the relocation to Devon whilst the team run the marketing, social media and PR, which is very important in the hugely popular and fast growing cycling community.”

During the search for a suitable manufacturing premises, Ed received advice and guidance from the Invest Devon team, hosted by Devon County Council. The team guided Ed on commercial space in the county before Ed settled on what is now Buxum’s headquarters, Okehampton’s Exeter Road Industrial Estate. It was at a ‘Devon Delivers’ Ambassadors networking event organised by the Invest Devon team that Ed originally met Bleep Communications MD Drew Aspinwall.

Councillor Andrew Leadbetter, Devon County Council Cabinet Member for Economy and Growth, said: “We would like to extend a very warm Devon welcome to Buxum and its founder Ed Morris. We’re delighted that the company has chosen our county as its new home as it continues its expansion plans. As a manufacturing business trading internationally, its relocation from Hong Kong to Okehampton is further proof that in a global marketplace Devon is a premium business location. It’s good news for our local economy to hear that Buxum is planning to recruit locally in line with the company’s plans for growth.”

Pictures of Ed Morris Founder of Buxum Boxes taken on Dartmoor by James Millar


Rent with Buxum
Tourmalet Now Available to Rent in UK

In addition to online sales, we are now offering the Tourmalet box for rental in the UK – ideal for people who travel infrequently or are short on space but still want the best protection for their bike.

This really is the ultimate bike box – the all-aluminium design is lightweight but incredibly strong and secure. Your bike is secured in the box via quick-release fixtures on front and rear dropouts, just as it would be on the road. Packing is a breeze (less than ten minutes) whilst pulling/maneuvering is effortless due to sealed-bearing inline-skate wheels. The box is also designed with airline inspections in mind – inspectors simply need to lift the lid and conduct inspection with bike in-situ, hence eliminating the risk of mis-packing. TSA cable locks are also available.

Buxum Rentals on EbayRental rates are (per full day or part thereof):
(1) Up to five days – £9 per day
(2) Six to ten days – £8 per day
(3) Eleven days and above – £7 per day

A deposit of £100 is required to be lodged with PayPal – this is refundable immediately upon return of box.

To rent a box or find out more visit our rentals page on Ebay here
For more information about the Tourmalet Box click here

News Release

Buxum Boxes and Brighton’s Prestige Cycles join Forces
to Deliver Hand-Made Bikes to Global Customers

Buxum Boxes, manufacturers of class-leading premium bike flight cases, have teamed up with Brighton’s Prestige Cycles to deliver a number of their bespoke hand-made road bikes for customers in New York and Dubai.

Buxum’s lightweight aluminium cases were the first choice for Prestige Cycles who are often asked by their customers to deliver their orders in person.

Prestige logoPrestige Cycles’ Stephen Roche said:

“We were building a number of Mosaic bikes for some new customers in New York and Dubai, as with many people having bikes built for them, they want the best and don’t leave anything to chance, this includes ensuring their bike arrives at their destination as perfect as it is when they leave our workshop.

So, when it comes to delivery, we use Buxum Boxes, they are best case to use. The optimal strength, weight, materials, security and a precise engineering of Buxum’s cases mirror our own exacting standards and provide the performance you can rely on.

Buxum’s designs means that the bike is held securely in place without it having to be fully disassembled and there is also space for helmets, shoes and other accessories too.”

The bikes were delivered in person and the Buxum boxes went straight through the airport x-ray machines and security. On occasions when security staff want to inspect inside the cases, the bike remains in situ and it’s quick and straightforward to re-secure the cases to put them on the plane.

Stephen added: “Light, easy to use and secure. Our customers were delighted with their Buxum Boxes, which will last them a lifetime, and their hand-made bikes of course! In fact, these customers have just ordered some practice bikes and we will again be using Buxum Boxes.”

Buxum logoEd Morris, Managing Director of Buxum UK Ltd said: “Stephen and his team at Prestige Cycles share our passion for cycling, travel and quality. We are delighted that Prestige have chosen to use Buxum to transport bikes to their valued customers worldwide; cyclists who in turn will use our boxes to keep their bikes safe when flying on their two-wheeled adventures.

We are now holding stock in the UK of our Tourmalet to ensure the lowest shipped cost for British customers.”

For more information about Buxum Boxes click here or Prestige Cycles click here