NeilPryde Bikes
NeilPryde Bikes use Buxum Bike Boxes
NEILPRYDE’s engineering team’s 40-years experience in mastering speed, perfecting aerodynamics and elegantly engineering high-performance products attributed to the development of a new generation of carbon fibre road
bicycles. Their “never say never” attitude when pushing the limits of performance, emphasis on raising the bar in design, and engineering cutting-edge technology has resulted in a new, competitive player in the sport of cycling. Check out the full range at

Mallorca Cycling Tours
Mallorca Cycling Tours uses Buxum Bike Boxes
Mallorca Cycling Tours are the experts for cycling holidays and training camps in Mallorca (Majorca).  We have over 15 years experience of organising cycling holidays and training camps in Mallorca.   On the road and off the bike we pride ourselves on the level of service we offer whilst adding a personal touch to your time with us.

Mallorca Cycling Tours’ programme of events caters for a wide range of cycling abilities. Every day we offer a choice of guided rides that give you the opportunity to cycle with others of similar ability and speed. All our rides are fully supported with experienced guides and a following back-up vehicle.

The Loong Way Home
Melissa from The Loong Way Home uses Buxum Bike Boxes
Melissa is heading home, the loong way! From Barcelona to Oregon, USA by bike, covering over 30,000 km while passing through four continents and more than twenty countries over fourteen months, combining her passion to bike and teach. Melissa uses Buxum – follow her trip on

S&S Machine
S&S manufacture the unique and novel S and S Coupling™ ,  a precision lug that is installed in a bike frame  to allow it to separate and pack for easy transportation. These couplings can be fitted to new frames or retrofitted to existing.  With this system, a full size road or mountain bike will fit completely inside a single 26″ x 26″ x 10″ case that qualifies as regular airline baggage. Surely the best of all worlds – avoid oversize baggage or sporting equipment fees without comprimising on a full size bike. Buxum’s “Galibier” case fits the bill here.

Tritons Triathlon Club
Tritons Hong Kong use Buxum Bike Boxes
The Tritons Triathlon Club, HongKong, was founded in 2009 by athletes and coaches participating in the IHP Triathlon Training Program. The Club is geared towards the racing and social aspects of multi sports – in HK and abroad – allowing members to come together to train and compete under a team flag. They cater for athletes participating in any combination of the swim-bike-run disciplines – an all-inclusive group of multisports athletes, with the common goal of training for fun, fitness and in pursuit of personal goals and excellence. So, whether you are training for your first triathlon or for your 10th Ironman, Tritons provides a social and supportive network that will help you across the finish line.

In Motion Asia
Motion Asia use Buxum Bike Boxes
In Motion Asia is a unique Taiwan based outdoor adventure company specializing in adventure tours, corporate events, youth programs, and event management services. Utilizing the spectacular and breathtaking natural terrain within the region, In Motion Asia endeavors to create and organize exciting, exhilarating, and stimulating events that make a positive impact on their clients. Customized road cycling tours take you through some of the best riding terrain available anywhere in the world with a smorgasbord of draw-dropping scenery ranging from 3300m peaks, lush undulating valleys and incredible coastlines.

Prestige Cycles

Prestige use Buxum Bike Boxes




Launched in 2011, Prestige’s mission is to bring the most amazing bikes from around the world to the South Coast of England and we are delighted that they chosen Buxum as their box of choice when delivering their handmade bikes to their global customers.
Prestige have created a great space in their Hove headquarters where cyclists of all persuasions can check out cool custom bicycles and bring their bikes for servicing and upgrades.  Part of the shop is dedicated to bike fitting, and offers the most in-depth and detailed bike fitting service available. To complement this they also offer a unique wind tunnel service for those clients who want to leave no stone unturned in their quest to realise their full potential. Through this service they have helped triathletes and cyclists smash time trials and conquer longer and tougher rides. Prestige’s passion is uniting owners with cool bikes and giving them an unrivalled experience, whether slogging up a mountain or chucking it down the other side.

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