Why aluminum?

It’s a wonderful sustainable material – extremely strong in the grades we use (mainly 6061, as used on high-end frames), light weight (panels are just 0.5mm thick), versatile (we use it as sheet, extrusions, turnings and stampings) corrosion resistant and eminently recyclable. And oh, looks good too!

Doesn’t it dent or scratch?

Yes it will. But only slightly! And that’s also what makes aluminum such a great material – each cycling journey will add a patina of use and earn the odd distinctive scar but without impacting strength or structure. We like to think we look better with age. Here is one that’s earned it’s stripes.

You say just 0.5mm thick – won’t it puncture?

No. In the hundreds of flights and hundreds of thousands of miles we’ve clocked up in testing, this hasn’t happened once. Our experience is that Buxum cases survive far more abuse than molded plastic or semi-rigid boxes.

What’s with rigid mounting of the forks and rear dropout?

We want to house the bike firmly and securely in the case but not subject the frame to any loads or forces that it would not experience on the road – securing at the dropouts and allowing movement along the wheelbase meets this need.

I hate packing – please tell me packing your boxes is painless.

It’s painless. In fact, making these boxes

simple to use, highly versatile and quick to pack was stage forward during development – you don’t need a degree in applied mental gymnastics here – we’re all about these boxes being intuitive to use. The Tourmalet takes less than 10 minutes to pack or unpack and the Ventoux under 5 minutes, with the absolute minimum of disassembly required.

Will airlines charge for this box?

This varies by airline – and airlines do vary their rules from time to time. We have summarized regulations and rates for a number of major airlines here but we still recommend you check with your airline before travelling. Note that the Buxum Galibier bike box conforms with IATA size requirements for regular hold luggage – i.e. it qualifies as a large suitcase.

Will my bike fit in? Even tri-bars and integrated seat-posts?

We have all the bases covered – in fact that’s why we’ve gone as far as developing three distinct sizes according to your type of bike and preference for size vs pack time. Please check out the Products page to see which box best for you. Tri-bars will need to be loosened and rotated down in Ventoux bike box. The Ventoux will also accommodate seat tubes up to 635mm, covering many ISPs – and for giants, we can produce extended height versions on a build-to-order basis.

Can you produce custom bike boxes?

Yes! Within certain physical limits and the limits of physics. As well as producing custom sizes and hardware features, we can provide custom decals and logos – for an individual individual or a club/team. Please contact us on info@buxumbox.com for a quote.

If my box gets lost, can you help?

That is our aim! Each Buxum bike box carries a plate with a unique serial number and our contact details. We know who owns each box – keep your details current with us and we will be able to reunite you when a loss is reported.  Please contact us on info@buxumbox.com.

How can I buy?

We were hoping you’d ask that. Right now sales are exclusively via www.buxumbox.com – check out our Products page.  This allows us to stay close to our customer base and to transfer maximum value to those customers.

Anything else?

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please contact us on info@buxumbox.com – we love to talk.